Birmingham is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and with house prices at £234,827, there’s never been a better time to invest into the West-Midlands area.

A thriving and expanding economy

Birmingham is the third biggest city in the UK, with a population of 2.607m as of 2020. Of that demographic, 64.25% are working age.

That population is one reason why businesses like HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and PWC have built headquarters in the city. HSBC’s created 1000 jobs alone.

The benefits of HS2 Railway network

Although it has been delayed till around 2033, when Britain’s planned high-speed railway is built, it will cut the journey time between Birmingham and London by 40% to one hour and 21 minutes.

The city will sit at the heart of the rail network, which will boost property prices.

Properties in 1-mile areas around London’s Crossrail saw their prices climb by 66% in 8 years.

HS2 Railway network

Ongoing regeneration projects in the city

Birmingham has a series of major regeneration schemes currently ongoing. The Big City Plan will create 50,000 jobs, and pump £2.1 billion into the local economy. The Midlands Metro Expansion will further improve transport links for the city. ‘Paradise’ is a £700m project adding 1.8m square feet of office space in the city centre.

Growing recent rental demand

According to Barrows and Forrester, there was a 25.2% rise in rental demand in the Birmingham area in 2021, one of the largest increases in rental demand recorded last year across the UK.

As businesses have made their headquarters in the city, it has attracted workers from across the midlands, and with an average gross rental yield of 5.25%, there’s scope to make strong returns.

Your chance to invest in Birmingham

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